3 Simple Steps for a Green Home Living Lifestyle

January 20, 2014 Green Mama Green Home Living

green home livingThe shift to green home living can be overwhelming when you have lots of ideas running through your head. There are habits, practices, sometimes major appliance overhaul that must be done, but you can’t really move from where you are until you take the baby steps. Here are some basic home tips that you can apply to turn your home greener and more eco-friendly.

First, un-clutter your home and dispose stuff that you no longer need or use. Conduct a yard sale or donate to a specific non-profit organization such as the Habitat for Humanity. You may also recycle and create artistic projects with your kids.

Second, add plants into your home. You do not only clean the air inside, you also get more fresh air to breathe. Plants are known to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Plants are also refreshing and relaxing to look at, but if you have pets, you might want to do away with specific plants that may be toxic for them.

And third, start saving on resources – a green home is not wasteful when it comes to water and energy. Consider lowering your water heater temperature and reducing your shower time to cut your water and energy consumption. Conduct maintenance work on your HVAC to ensure that your home is well insulated and you are not wasting energy into draft. And when you are done with your appliance, computer, charger and others, simply unplug them.

Now, you don’t have to think about green home living as a difficult thing to do. Though starting a new lifestyle might be difficult at the beginning, in the long run, it will become a habit that you yourself will not notice that you are doing it with no difficulty at all.

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