Green Thumb: Vertical Gardening for the City Dweller

February 16, 2014 Green Mama Green Home Living

Living in the city and having very limited space easily douses off your desire to put up a vegetable garden. But for those who are really persistent, a vertical vegetable garden is the solution for you. Even if you have a small area, you can still produce fresh vegetable for you and your family to consume.

Vertical Gardening


Growing a vertical vegetable garden in an urban setting can be tricky, but it is not impossible and the rewards can be truly satisfying. Some die-hards also try indoor gardening for vegetables that are hard to find in their area, but actually it also helps improve the quality of indoor air in small spaces so you might want to try it too.

Vertical gardening is not really a new trend though it is often confused with a living wall. Both these efforts can produce vegetable and fruits but the latter is more focused on the aesthetic appeal rather than the production of food. In vertical gardening, you actually train your plants to grow upwards. You need specific structures that will contain the entire garden in your limited space. There are ready-made vertical garden kits that you can buy which will lessen the work required for setting it up. But if you want to try the DIY way, you have to double check your design structure to ensure that it can hold the materials, soil, plants and water as well as the vegetable or fruits it will produce. Do research on the right weights of the different parts of your vertical garden to prevent loss associated with wilting due to improper amounts of soil or water.

For a truly organic garden, you can incorporate simple compost for the soil used in your vertical garden. You also need proper drainage system and good air circulation. While advanced hydroponic water techniques and grid systems maybe too much for your small porch, you can still scale them down to suit your own requirements.

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3 Responses to “Green Thumb: Vertical Gardening for the City Dweller”

  • Mecheel says:

    Wow! Nice idea for gardening in a small area too. Thanks for the information, hope my green thumb works. =)

  • I love those veggies 🙂 I do not have the garden except the flower beds. I really want to plant my own vegetable garden but I doubt if the veggies will grow. I bet the deer will eat my garden plus the chickens are busy digging the dirt too.

  • Tina Cors says:

    Wow thats a great way to grow vegetables in the backyard..

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